Location: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong
Industry: Logistics Warehouse Management
Owner: Mr. Koh San Joo

The MYOB Software They Use:
MYOB Premier
An MYOB customer since 2003

iHub Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

This Success Story begins with San Joo’s passion to create a business built on integrity with a focus on four core values:

  1. Take good care of the staff
  2. Provide the highest level of service to the customer
  3. Give back to the community
  4. Honor the suppliers.

Is it any surprise that with these values, San Joo has built a very successful and growing international logistics warehouse management service company?

iHub serves Multi-National Companies’ logistic warehouse needs by utilizing customized, real-time logistics management services. First established in Singapore in 2000, then successfully expanded to Malaysia and Hong Kong.

“Our boss is very happy with MYOB and how it helps manage the business”.

The Key Challenges
When San Joo first started iHub, he kept his accounts on Excel. But as his company grew and expanded to other countries, he needed to establish a commonality in accounts presentation as well as required a solution to handle the issues surrounding multi-currency and multi-user.
At first San Joo outsourced the accounting work but ultimately needed to bring this function in-house. Timely generated monthly P&L and Balance Sheet reports are critical to his operation. San Joo recalled that with “non-accounting background staff, it would be necessary that the accounting software would be easy to learn and use”. iHub runs a very lean operation, so efficiency is key. His standards are high, demanding that the year-end accounts be submitted to the auditor within 3 weeks of year-end.

The Result
Reena Chew, an MYOB Professional Partner at SeaSoft Sdn Bhd, was referred to iHub by MYOB Asia Sdn Bhd, the distributor of MYOB products in Malaysia. San Joo said that “the key (to the success of MYOB Premier software) was the people who can support MYOB” heaping praise on Reena for her level of support to his staff and her commitment to their success.

Manager Choy Mei says that “she and her four office staff are using MYOB with zero accounting background and able to solve this concern with help from Reena. Our boss is very happy with MYOB and how it helps manage the business”. San Joo added “with being able to submit accounts to our auditor within 3 weeks during a non-peak period for auditors, I am eligible to receive a discount on my audit fee.”

MYOB Premier helps San Joo to achieve his core values.

Now that is brilliant. MYOB brilliant. MYOB smarter.

Ms. Choy Mei
Manager of
iHub Solutions Sdn. Bhd.