BI 101 – Getting started with Business Intelligence

BI 201 – Introduction to Analyse Reports

BI 203 – Using Pivot Reports

Accounts Receivable by Sales Rep

Sales (All Types) by Customer

Sales (All Types) by GL Account

Sales (Item) Customer Sales by Ship to Address

Sales (Item) Customers by Item

Sales (Item) Items by Customer

Sales (Item) Margin by Customer

Sales (Item) Monthly Sales by Customer

Sales (Item) Top 10 Customers

Sales (Item) Top 10 Items

Sales (Item) YOY All Items

Sales (Item) YOY Top 5 Customer (V)

Sales (Service) Top 10 Customers

Sales in Foreign Currency by Customer

Salesperson Performance

Accounts Payable Payments Due

P&L Actual vs Budget

P&L Monthly

P&L Monthly Level 1 Actuals vs Budgets

P&L Summary

P&L Comparison to Last Month

P&L Comparison to Last Year

Job P&L (GL Account) by Job

Job P&L (GL Account) by Month

Job Profit by Month

Job Profit By Quarter

Job Profit Comparison drill Job Levels

Job Profit Comparison by Job then GL Account

Job Profit by Customer

Inventory On Hand

Inventory by Location

Inventory Cover by Supplier

Item Purchase History

State Map and Table Dashboard

Accounts Payable Dashboard

Accounts Receivable Dashboard

Customer Margins Dashboard

Customer Snapshot Dashboard

Profit Margin Analysis Dashboard

Sales Motion Top Customers Dashboard

Sales Timeline Dashboard