Stay longer with MYOB® without compromise

While your business continues to grow, Datapel WMS delivers enterprise-level warehousing functionality while allowing you to stick with MYOB®.

The software sits next to your MYOB software and shares information using a process called “replication”.  Data is extracted from MYOB such as your stock list, customers, suppliers and purchase orders.  Purchase orders are received, stock is allocated, transferred and managed within WMS.  Sales order are raised, picked and packed using WMS and these orders are then written back to MYOB.  There is no duplication of work involved in handling of data.

Complete Solutions for Order Fulfillment, Stock & Warehouse Management

Designed for growing small-to-medium businesses that use MYOB accounting software, Datapel delivers advanced inventory management capabilities without the need to overhaul your existing software.

Inventory Controller XE

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WMS Professional Edition

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WMS Enterprise Edition

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Feature Comparison

  Datapel MYOB Premier
Business focus Inventory & Warehouse Management General Accounting
Industry focus Wholesale/Retail/Light Manufacturing All industries
Multiple users up to 30 5 or less
Multiple locations & bins Yes No
Track batch & serial numbers Yes No
Special pricing & commissions Yes No
Guided pick, pack & put-away Yes No
Integrated barcode picking & scanning Yes No

The Advantages

By implementing WMS software alongside your existing MYOB software, you will essentially be avoiding a total overhaul of your accounting system whilst still being able to enjoy the enterprise level functionality that you need.

Some of the cost benefits of this include:

Reduced Outlay On Software:
WMS is priced significantly below other enterprise level software packages.

Lower Implementation Costs:
WMS extracts all of your MYOB data including item lists and card files. Consequently, installation Times are incomparably shorter than other enterprise level software.

Less Business Downtime:
The short implementation timeline combined with the continued use of MYOB for all other functions leads to very little business downtime during Implementation .

Massively Reduced Training Costs:
Staff continue to use MYOB for all other business processes and need training only in those WMS areas relevant to stock control.

Ease Of Use:
Many of the WMS screens ore particularly easy to follow for MYOB users.

Clients by Industries

Over the years. Datapel has created an impressive list of success stories extending across a wide range of industries. Our focus and commitment on best-practice system workflows and excellent return-on-investment has resulted in a range of WMS products that appeals to business owners and users alike.
If your business deals with physical stock and distribution, no mater what industry you are in. you should speak to Datapel about the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Which Industry are you in?


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