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This is aimed at existing users of MYOB/ABSS who want to streamline their MYOB/ABSS, make it easier to use and make it more productive.

We will discuss with you how your business operates and examine how you use MYOB/ABSS. We can then:

  • Show you easier way of using MYOB/ABSS to achieve the same, or better results.
  • Suggest which to MYOB/ABSS‘s features you could be using, set them up for you and show you how to use them.
  • Form Design – Give your invoices, statements and MYOB/ABSS forms a professional looking stationery.
  • Suggest add-on solutions to increase efficiency or fill functionality gaps.
  • Provide on-going telephone, email & remote support.
  • MYOB/ABSS accounting software has grown and changed significantly over the years.  Many new features become available throughout each release.  As a current user, you may overlook those new features and Seasoft is available to help you to get the most of your MYOB/ABSS software through training.

Need help with your MYOB/ABSS accounting software?

We provide MYOB/ABSS Software Upgrades and Support:


It is a customised support for your needs and we come to your office.


We will use the remote technology (Teamviewer) to access to your PC which is permission based. This means that we cannot access your PC unless you explicitly grant us the access. That permission is valid only during the support session, and once it ends, we will not be able to access your PC until the next time you grant us access.

The benefit here is that you will be able to see exactly what we are doing and follow through on the steps to resolve the problem. This is cost effective due to no travelling is involved.

Download the Teamviewer QuickSupport here.

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